We aim to bridge the gap between living independently and living in an assisted living facility. This is why we built a long-term care facility for elderly who are still able to get around on their own but who may need help with some activities of daily living or simply prefer the convenience of having their meals in a central buffet setting and having nursing staff on call. As your trusted residential care community for seniors, our mission is to provide a home where safety meets great service.

We offer a wide array of services, focused on our residents’ needs. We are located in a central location between Aloha and Hillsboro, accessible to numerous neighborhoods, shop centers, restaurants and grocery stores that allow you to stay close to those you love.


  • 24/7 Senior Care
  • Assistance With Daily Activities
  • Recreational Or Leisure Programs
  • Medication Ordering and Administration
  • Daily Housekeeping
  • On-site Beauty Salon
  • Beautiful Inside Garden
At HOLI Senior Living, we are passionate about providing outstanding service to the elders in our community.  Residents at our residential care community are provided an environment with dignity , independence and respect. 
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