Our Policies and Procedures to maintain a COVID-Free Facility

Policy & Procedure for Covid-19

To reduce exposure and the risk of COVID-19 spreading through our community. We are implementing CMS guidelines per DHS orders to prevent and contain the spread of the COVID- 19 virus.


1.Restrict visitation of non-essential individuals.

2. Screen 100% of essential individuals prior to entry into the building consistent with screening criteria. Document screening procedure for all individuals.

3. Limit visitation of essential individuals.

     Essential staff includes

  • Facility staff.
  • Outside medical personnel.
  • Adult protective services staff.
  • Licensing/Survey staff.
  • Long term care ombudsman and Deputies (non volunteer).
  • Friends or family who are essential for the individual’s emotional well- being and care.

        If an essential visitor meets any of the screening above, visitors must:

           i. Limit their movement within the facility to the resident’s room
          ii. Limit surfaces touched
         iii. Use appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE)- gown, gloves and mask if  needed

         iv. Limit physical contact with resident
                . Only two essential visitors per resident at any given time. 
                . Discontinue community outings and activities outside the facility. 
                . Educate staff and residents on infection control. Proper hand washing, avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth with  unwashed hands. 
                . Provide families and friends the ability to visit virtually when denied entry.

Employees monitoring and prevention

1. Daily screening of employees prior to the start of shift. Screening questionnaire to be answered and check temperature & oxygen level prior to start of shift. 
2. All employees are required to wear a mask while at work and outside facility shopping for essential items and maintain physical distance when outside of work to reduce exposure. 
3. Employees must report any illness such as cough, cold, fever, and shortness of breath symptoms. They must also report if symptoms in their household are showing the related symptoms. 
4. Any employee calling in sick will be taken off the schedule until at least 72 hours have passed with no symptoms and at least 7 days have passed since symptoms started of any illness. Prior to reporting back to work, employees are
required a clearance from PCP with recommendation that the employee is safe to come back to work. 
5. In the event of COVID-19 symptoms and tested positive, 14 days self-isolation and to follow doctors recommendation. Required to have another COVID-19 test showing negative results and no recurrence of symptoms for 14 days before
coming back to work. 
6. All staff to take turns during break and still maintain physical distancing during break hours. 
7. In the event a positive COVID-19 resident to care for specific employees agreed to be part of COVID-19 Care Team will be activated for those specific residents. Prior to the use specific employees will receive training and practice to use PPE appropriately.

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